“Some strive to make themselves great. Others help others see and find their own greatness. It’s the

latter that really enriches the world we live in.” - Rasheed Ogunlaru



These words ring loud and true in the world we navigate today. In choosing to become a parent you’re already enriching our world with a new person and creating the foundation of our future leaders,innovators and creators. Take a moment and think about the importance of what this encompasses and the actual grand magnificence of each individual’s birth.


Now imagine the perfect scenario where you are calm, relaxed,and feel completely at ease throughout your entire pregnancy. Through our expert knowledge and the compassionate care we provide, My Florida Doulas will guide you through each step of your journey preparing and inspiring you from conception through the birth of your baby. We’ve made it our life’s work to equip expectant families with the tools to elevate themselves to their greatest potential as new parents


Whether this is your first baby, or you’re adding to your growing family, we are your confidant empowering you with the exceptional care and extraordinary support always based on your unique needs. Right now, we invite you to indulge yourself in the care and comfort that you deserve and desire as you embark upon your journey towards parenthood.Without a doubt, this is a time to pause, and prioritize your needs! 


Contact us today to discuss the upcoming birth of your baby and how we can support you.

Our adept professional offerings include:

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On the day you go into labor you’ll be flooded with emotions as your body prepares itself for the final stages of the birth of your baby. This is the moment you’ve been preparing for since you first found out you were pregnant. You have a sense of calmness, because you know that your doula is right alongside you offering you all of the support necessary to fulfill your birth wishes. The value of this alone is immeasurable. Every expectant parent should have the compassionate care and peace of mind that comes with My Florida Doulas’ support.

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Now that you’ve delivered your baby, a new exciting journey begins as you and your infant create a strong bond based on emotional and physical intuitions. Your natural instincts will provide you with a certain level of guidance. With a little additional education, some much needed emotional

support, and the valuable hands-on care of your doula your needs will be met, your nerves will be soothed, and your mind will be at ease We’re excited to give you a minute to catch your breath and enjoy your new parenting experience.

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Brandy is the BEST Doula!

She was my doula for my 2nd birth, it was an all natural home birth in a birthing tub! She kept me more calm and relaxed than my midwife’s and was there to support and encourage me during labor!

Patricia P.

The best Doula I could have ever asked for! She was my advocate, educator, and my friend. I dont know how I could have gotten through it without her! She's extremely knowledgeable and cares deeply for mama and baby.

Darian W.

Coming from a fathers stand point, This team is amazing. They were there for the birth of our youngest daughter. Brandy took my wife’s birth plan and stood as an amazing advocate for everything my wife envisioned. I highly recommend this team.  They can help take your wants and needs and educate you to make informed decision. Hire them for both you and your birth team!

Dr. Michael P.

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